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After many months of development, Inside PA Training’s App, Physician Assistant Insider is finally here and available on iTunes!

Physician Assistant Insider iPhone/iPad App

No one wants to lug their laptop wherever they go just to keep up on things.  Physician Assistant Insider allows you to keep up with everything at Inside PA Training – articles, blog posts, the forum, and the podcast – all from your iPhone or iPad.

In addition, the app has two nice bonus features:

  1. A searchable, google maps enabled directory of all PA programs in the US.  Click on the state to see where the accredited PA programs are, zoom in on them, check their details, and visit their websites in seconds!
  2. FlashMed, the medical terminology applet that helps you learn words that are relevant to the study of medicine.   It comes with over 600 terms, and soon will have medical terminology roots, prefixes, and suffixes.  Make good use of your time on the bus or while waiting for a friend by quizzing yourself to see how much you already know!

For a mere $0.99 you can have Inside PA Training in your pocket AND learn a little medial terminology at the same time!

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