Learn to use this important tool like an expert.

The Stethoscope and How To Use It

The stethoscope. It’s practically the symbol doctors and PAs, but many use it improperly, or fail to use it to its full potential. Hopefully this post will get you off to a good start at using your “ears” like a pro.

Stethoscope Maintenance

Stethoscope maintenance.  Have you done any?  If not, you probably should. After working the in the field for a while with a stethoscope, you'll notice what a beating they take.  That's why it's great to know a little about how to maintain them.  Stethoscope maintenance, performed every now and then, will keep your stethoscope working [...]

How a Stethoscope Works

We all take it for granted how a stethoscope works: the sound goes up the tube, through the dohickey, and into your ears.  But there's more to it than that.  If you understand how and why it works, you'll make much better use of it.  I'll keep it short, since we have finals this week, [...]

Parts of a Stethoscope

First, know its anatomy. What are the parts of a stethoscope?  I've had many requests, so here's a brief video I put together to get you a little more familiar with that most important tool.  Even if  you already know the names of parts, you might learn something here.  Then in Wednesday's clip, [...]