Should you become a PA, or a physician? It’s a tough decision. These articles are designed to help you make the decision.

Is Being a Physician Overrated?

Is being a doctor overrated? It is according to’s evaluation of the “Most Overrated Jobs of 2011.” The article summarized’s evaluation of professions that tend to be highly regarded, but when examined more closely have hidden costs that make them less desirable.  […]

Will Being a PA Satisfy You? Worry Not

If you struggle with the career decision of PA vs MD or PA vs NP or even PA vs Starbucks Barista (a job I’ve long fantasized about) you’ve probably wondered once or twice: “Will Being a Physician Assistant Satisfy Me?” […]

PA vs MD: Malpractice, Part I

The PA vs MD section of our site is not intended to cover debates; rather the “vs” in the title is meant to describe the issues that crop up when a student tries to decide between the two professions.  Today, however, debate at least enters into it.  I’m talking about physician assistant malpractice.  Better you should go into this field knowing the reality. […]

The Death of Solo Primary Care?

If you've been paying attention, you know that America is experiencing a health care crisis.  One of the bigger losses is the solo primary care physician.  My father was one, and it was clear when he died that his kind of work - getting to know patients by treating them for decades by yourself, had [...]

PA Vs. MD: if you’re in PA school, are you a medical student? Part II

Finals are over - finally - and I can now look at the results of my unofficial survey asking the PA vs MD* question: "Are those in PA school Medical Students? If you missed the post, you can read it by clicking the link, or you can read the article on KevinMD by clicking here. Basically, [...]

PA vs MD Poll: If You’re In PA School, Are You a Medical Student?

PA vs. MD: are those in PA school medical students? PA vs. MD topics always seem to stir peoples' emotions -- or should I say frappé? About two weeks ago, I got into an interesting debate with a reader of an article I wrote for the medical blog, (click for the article [...]

5 Reasons a Physician Assistant Career is Wrong for You

It's easy to get excited about a physician assistant career.   I wrote recently about how to tell if you have the PA personality.  But what about the values you hold?  Excitement has a way of discouraging us from seeing the little negatives we sometimes need to see.  So today's topic is a little different [...]

The Good News for Women about Physician Assistant Careers

I’ve been asked a few times by readers about how welcoming the physician assistant profession is to women.  My answer: very. But First, the Good New for Both Genders A quick look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition, published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics makes the good news for all [...]

PA vs MD: Meet Sundance – She’s Done Both

Debating about PA vs MD? Many pre-meds ask themselves, “Should I become a PA, or a physician?”  We have complete respect for both fields, and believe that the PA vs MD question is definitely a personal decision.  Knowing this, I interviewed my classmate Sundance; she had the chance to do both.  She explains her decision-making process, as well as how both paths felt.  The results are enlightening… […]