Hey there and welcome! I’m Paul Kubin, the publisher of Inside PA Training. Do you ever ask yourself…

  • “Is medicine be the career for me?
  • “Is there way to work in medicine and still have a life?”
  • “What exactly is a physician assistant?”
  • “How do you become a PA?”
  • “What can I do to improve my chances of getting into PA school?”

If you do, then you’re a lot like I was in 2009. I pretty much broke the internet looking for answers to these questions, and what I found was pretty disappointing. There wasn’t much information out there, and there was even less good information.

Long story short (the longer version is here if you’re interested), I worked through my many questions and became a PA and I’ve never looked back. The work fulfills me, draws on my natural talents, pays me well, and allows me to engage in other pursuits (case in point: this website, which has become my other passion.)



You don’t need to break the internet all over, like I did. After joining this field, I made it my mission to fill the information void about all the things I wondered when I was exploring a PA career. Everything I learned about this field — the admissions process, tips, news, what it’s like, and a thousand other things — is here for you.

  • Over 200 articles on PA medicine in our free blog and podcast
  • Video interviews with PA students about their stories
  • Our forum, where you can get support from other pre-PAs
  • Our directory of PA programs to help you decide where and how you will apply


In addition to all those freebies, we also offer

  • An iPhone app, so it’s all available to you on the fly ($1.99 on the at the Apple App Store)
  • And personalized 1-on-1 coaching with me (not $1.99, but very reasonably priced).

I love being a PA and I think you will too. So keep reading. Watch our videos. Download our books. Let me know what you think of the site. Drop me a line via the contact link and ask me a question. And if this site is helpful to you and we happen to bump into each other at a medical conference someday, please say hi and tell me story!



IMG_2442Paul Kubin, MS, MFT, PA-C is a primary and urgent care physician assistant who writes and speaks passionately about physician assistant careers. He is also a licensed marriage and family therapist and regularly draws from his knowledge of psychology in his work with patients and the PA school applicants he coaches. Paul has served as a consultant for the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics on physician assistant careers and is the author of Crafting a Winning PA School Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tipping the Odds in Your Favor, and The Physician Assistant School Interview: Essential Strategies to Blow ‘Em Away and Claim Your Seat in Class.

He lives, practices, and coaches pre-PAs in Sacramento, California.