Reference Letter: What do writers see?

What does the reference letter look like? When you ask a professor or a work supervisor or someone to write a PA school reference letter (a recommendation letter) about your to PA schools, ever wonder what happens? It turns out that the writer receives a email form from CASPA that they are asked [...]

The Physician Assistant School Essay: How Important Is it?

Today’s video, The Physician Assistant School Essay: How Important Is It?  is the first of more to come about making the most out of your essay when you submit your CASPA application.  How are essays reviewed?  How does this affect your essay creation process?  […]

UCD FNP/PA Program Graduation – The Day Arrives

Hi, everyone.  Yes, I'm done. We had a formal commencement ceremony on June 9, 2012 at the UC Davis main campus in Freeborn Hall.  It was beautiful.  My kids were in attendance, and I owe them huge thanks for helping me through the last two years.  As for how we're doing, the picture above should [...]

Touch in Physical Examination

For new PA and medical students, touching patients is just plain awkward at first, which is why medical programs get students in close […]