A Question From Paul*

Dear Inside PA Training Readers, Thank you for your readership, comments, and feedback.  2014 has been a banner year for IPAT — 465,000+ people like you learned about the profession from our features.  Our roots were (very) humble, and today we return to them by asking you a simple question: […]

Iniside PA Training’s New Look

As you can tell from our main page, we've made some upgrades to the site. We're excited about our new look which will continue to evolve in the coming weeks. The header image you see above will only be here until we can get something more suitable and permanent up. If you have suggestions for [...]

Get the Inside PA Training App: Physician Assistant Insider

Get the App at iTunes Now After many months of development, Inside PA Training's App, Physician Assistant Insider,  is finally here and available on iTunes! Physician Assistant Insider iPhone/iPad App No one wants to lug their laptop wherever they go just to keep up on things.  Physician Assistant Insider allows you to keep up [...]

Good News for IPAT and Its Readers

After too much work and too much waiting, we have two pieces of exciting news to share today. […]

The IPAT Physician Assistant Forum

IPAT's Becoming a Physician Assistant Forum is growing, with over 500 registered members, and we've done some work on it to expand and add functionality.  You'll notice how different it looks, and more changes to its appearance are coming in the near future. I'm in my Emergency Medicine rotation this week, again at Mather VA [...]

AAPA Annual Convention This Week!

Hey, everybody.  Things are crazy lately, with another rough set of final exams, another oral practicum (if you don't know what an oral practicum is, my post on oral practica.  This one will require me to diagnose and treat some ailment from the following list of intimidating topics: neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, orthopedics, or rheumatology. Yes, [...]