It’s PA Week — WOOT!

PA week every year is a celebration of the profession and a chance to educate the public about all that PAs do.  According to the American Academy of Physician Assistants ( website: Before it was a week-long event, National PA Day was first celebrated on October 6, 1987, in honor of the 20th anniversary of [...]

Physician Assistants Easing the Primary Care Shortage

Guest Contributor Julie Sweet After logging five decades of high-quality, cost-effective care, physician assistants are gearing up for their time in the spotlight. The stage is set: fewer physicians are entering primary care, older family practice physicians are retiring, and the U.S. population is growing, aging and — thanks to the Patient Protection [...]

Do You Have The Physician Assistant Personality?

Ever wonder if you have the right personality for physician assistant medicine --  if the "fit" of PA is right for you?  With some help from Holland's Personal Interest Inventory, you can find out just that. A few weeks after I started PA school at U.C. Davis, I noticed just how much I liked everyone [...]

11 Misconceptions About Physician Assistants

There are plenty of misconceptions about physician assistants. The newness of their field naturally leads to a number of misconceptions about physician assistants.  If you’ve never met a PA or been treated by one, you’re left to guess what it is that PA's do, and sometimes these guesses (though understandable), are just plain [...]

New York Times Praises Physician Assistants

Last week’s New York Times included a very positive article about the PA field: The Physician Assistant Will See You, which was both great publicity for PA’s and sign of growing trust in this exploding profession. Like most articles on physician assistants, it included a description of what exactly a PA is and how to become one.  But rather than stopping there […]

Physician Assistant Career Dislikes #1: The Giving Tree

Sometimes it's no fun being the giving tree Since Inside PA Training's inception, we've tried to keep it positive, since that's how it's been.  Our readers are fired up about physician assistant careers, and we've worked to harness that enthusiasm whenever possible. But another tenet we've tried to adhere to is to be [...]


I’m writing you in between our usual postings because the American Academy of Physician Assistants needs your help.  They’ve recently asked the public for suggestions for the “Physician Assistant Meme,” and it’s a great chance to get involved in PA medicine in a fun/easy/helpful way. […]

What the Affordable Care Act Means for Physician Assistants

“Obamacare” is now a reality.  Last week’s US Supreme Court Ruling has huge implications for the future of our nation, and even bigger implications for the physician assistant profession.  In this article I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version of the new law, why it came about, and what it means for the you.  If you already understand the new health care reform, you can jump to my predictions for the profession below. […]

Tomorrow I Take My Board Exam (The PANCE)

After some internal debate, I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and share up front that tomorrow I will take my board exam to become a physician assistant (the PANCE).  The debate centers around the fear that passing is not guaranteed, and once I’ve shared with the internet (read: the world) that I’m taking it, there’s no hiding how I do.  But I plan to pass with flying colors, and I will hold my head high either way.  This article shares a little about what the exam is like. […]

Medical Leadership: Boost Your Worth by Jumping In

Today’s article, Medical Leadership: Boost Your Worth by Jumping In, is by our active IPAT reader and Forum contributor, “Buffchic.”  So take it way, Buff… It’s never too early to think about medical leadership.  The physician assistant profession is relatively new, and grass-roots advocacy is a great place for pre-PAs and PA students to become leaders.   Being a student leader will put you at the helm […]