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Today’s Lectures: Endocrinology

I figured it was time for a quick update on our current activities in the program.  This week, we returned to class after two weeks "off," during which we prepared for our EKG exam number 1. This block, we're learning endocrinology, which is complicated, but fascinating. We took the EKG exam 1 on Tuesday, our [...]

Two Exams Down, Two To Go

Tomorrow is the last day of finals.  I survived my oral practicum -- I did okay, but I missed a few things that I should have known better on.  As a psychotherapist, I should be a genius at collecting a psychosocial history.  This is the part of the history where the clinician asks about the [...]

Next Up: Final Exams (Pass the Maalox)

These are desperate hours, friends.  For the next few days, we will jam the last bits of information into our heads — heads that are already swimming with information. How Do Final Exams Work For PA School? […]

360 of My Study Zone

Gabe Teaches Neuromuscular Assessment

One of the things I love about the UC Davis program is the broad experience of the students.  Nurses, EMTs, lab techs, radiology techs, therapists, corpsmen, you name it.  And the faculty aren't afraid draw from the students to teach.  Here, my classmate and co-blogger Gabe shares his sports physiology expertise with the class.  He's [...]

Break’s Over: PA Training Never Pauses For Long

Sangria and paella with family, swimming with the kids, and bad reality TV: summer is ecstasy.  We were given 17 days between quarters and today is day 10, but I'm feeling the pressure to get my game face back on and resume my PA training.  Two of my 14 assigned textbooks have arrived (Pharmacology and [...]

Final Exams Can Surprise You

My Final Exam Situation:  Question #1 - "Uh... Okay.  I'll come back to this one..." #2 - "You're kidding me right?"  Next...  #3 - "Hold the phone!"  "Where in the hell did this come from?") As you can tell the beginning of my exam didn’t start the way I hoped it would. Darn [...]