Here we explain the CASPA application process and discuss how you can make yourself a better CASPA PA school applicant.

Inside CASPA – An Interview with CASPA’s Timi Agar Barwick

When I applied to PA school, I found myself doing some guessing about how the CASPA process works from the inside.   I thought it might be helpful to others if I were to call and speak to them to clarify a few of my questions.  […]

CASPA PA References: Waive Your Right to Read Or Not?

When you complete the “Reference Forms” section of the CASPA PA school application, you will  be asked for the name, relationship, and contact information for each reference, and whether or not you waive your right to read your completed reference.  should you waive this right?  We believe there is only one correct answer: yes. […]

CASPA Application, Part 2: How to Prepare

In our last post we started talking about your PA school application by introducing you to CASPA, the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants.  If you haven't read CASPA Application, Part1: What is CASPA? you should check it out before reading today's post. Today, we get familiar with the CASPA application, and begin to think [...]

CASPA Application, Part 1: What is CASPA?

If you want to become a PA, you need to know what a CASPA Application is and how it works.  CASPA is the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants.  Think of CASPA as a clearing house for applications to 93% of PA schools (145 out of 156 accredited PA programs). CASPA is a division of [...]