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Do You Have The Physician Assistant Personality?

Ever wonder if you have the right personality for physician assistant medicine —  if the “fit” of PA is right for you?  With some help from Holland’s Personal Interest Inventory, you can find out just that.

A few weeks after I started PA school at U.C. Davis, I noticed Continue Reading…

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Rejection: 6 Things To Do If You Didn’t Get In

If you applied to PA programs and didn’t get in, you face a tough question: “What do I do now?”  Maybe you were really counting on being in a program this fall.  Instead, your future course is now totally uncertain.  It can feel a little like you’re hanging from Continue Reading…

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11 Misconceptions About Physician Assistants

There are plenty of misconceptions about physician assistants.

The newness of their field naturally leads to a number of misconceptions about physician assistants.  If you’ve never met a PA or been treated by one, you’re left to guess what it is that PA’s do, and sometimes Continue Reading…

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Is Medicine For Me?

Dear Paul,

I am in an interesting situation.  After working in several non-medical areas, I am looking at going back to school to do something different.   My problem is I have never worked or volunteered in the medical field and don’t really have a lot of time while supporting Continue Reading…

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PA Student Interviews: Josh

It’s time to hear from the ones in the trenches — the physician assistant students.  Today I interviewed Josh about his 27 months as a PA student which will soon be ending with his graduation.  His strategy for getting into a PA program is very interesting, and proves that Continue Reading…

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A Question From Paul*

Dear Inside PA Training Readers,

Thank you for your readership, comments, and feedback.  2014 has been a banner year for IPAT — 465,000+ people like you learned about the profession from our features.  Our roots were (very) humble, and today we return to them by asking you a simple question: Continue Reading…

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What is an MMI Interview?

Interview season has started at physician assistant schools around the country, and it’s becoming increasingly common for interview committees to use Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format.  It’s a trend that started in medical schools and that seems to be catching on in other fields as well.

MMI interviews make things Continue Reading…

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GRE: Just How Important Is it?

We’ve been writing about PA school admissions for more than fouryears now, and we were a little embarrassed to realize the other day that we’ve never written specifically about the importance of the Graduate Requisite Exam.  So just how important is the GRE?  First, it’s important to have a Continue Reading…

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New York Times Praises Physician Assistants

Last week’s New York Times included a very positive article about the PA field: The Physician Assistant Will See You, which was both great publicity for PA’s and sign of growing trust in this exploding profession.

Like most articles on physician assistants, it included a description of what exactly a Continue Reading…

Times have been tough, and I still get questions about the viability of the Physician Assistant profession, so news that Physician Assistant Studies tops the list of Forbes’Best and Worst Master’s Degrees for Jobs 2014 should be well received.

According to the Forbes, the rankings are based on Payscale.com’s salary Continue Reading…

What does it take to get into PA school?  Wonder no more – Inside PA Training has put together a simple infographic that answers the question.  It’s fairly basic, but that’s the idea: to keep you focused on the big picture.  Study it, learn it — heck, print it Continue Reading…