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UCD FNP/PA Program Graduation – The Day Arrives

Hi, everyone.  Yes, I'm done. We had a formal commencement ceremony on June 9, 2012 at the UC Davis main campus in Freeborn Hall.  It was beautiful.  My kids were in attendance, and I owe them huge thanks for helping me through the last two years.  As for how we're doing, the picture above should [...]

Program Update: Graduation Nears

As you can see from the graduation invitation above, we will complete our 2-year physician assistant school odyssey in just 12 days.  I have […]

Cardiothoracic Surgery Week 2

Hey, everyone!  I'm up to my elbows in hearts this week, the second week of my cardiothoracic surgery rotation.  This week focuses on adult cardiac surgery. It was very long, but amazing and eventful day.  In no particular order: This was my third scrub-in.  Scrubbing in is where you're sterile, and at the table with [...]

PA School Program Update: Graduation Nears

Since I'm heading into another rotation (and therefore will be pretty well buried for a month), I thought it would be a good time for a program update.  There's plenty going on, and plenty to do before the big day - June 9 - when I will graduate. Here are some of my recent activities: [...]

Guest Post: “The Sickest Patient I Ever Saw”

My classmate Sundance – yes, the Sundance I’ve interviewed twice on video – recently shared with me a letter to her family about her inpatient rotation.  She was kind enough to give me permission to publish it, and I’m sure you’ll see, as I did, […]

Inpatient Hospital Rotation: Epilogue

My inpatient hospital medicine rotation is over, and it ended much differently than it began.  You’ll recall from my inpatient hospital rotation: Day 1 post that the word for hospital internal medicine was chill.  But… […]