Unsure if being a physician assistant is right for you?  Curious or confused about the PA training process?  Sometimes it helps to hear the stories of others who have gone before you…

Joshin was a year behind my at UC Davis, and I had the chance to work with him (and even sign off his notes and prescriptions!) when he did a preceptorship at the clinic where I work.

A year after our first interview (the second video on this page), I speak again with Sundance about her experiences as a former medical student a soon-to-be-graduatting PA student, and her thoughts about job prospects when she graduates.  If you haven’t watched PA vs MD: Meet Sundance – She’s Done Both, you should watching that one first (again, below the following video).

Sundance describes her time as both a Physician Assistant student and MD med student, and her tough decision-making process related to these two paths.  Please email me through our contacts link (top of the page) if you want me ask Sundance a follow-up question.

Below, my cousin (in law) Alex talks about his PA training with the US Army.