PA School EssayIf you’re like most PA school applicants, you’ve worked hard to get where you are — you’ve studied, put in plenty of sweat and time helping patients, and it’s finally time to apply.  You know this is the right path for you — now all you have to do is convince them with a good essay.

A Good PA School Essay Can Make All the Difference…

It’s a classic good news and bad news story.  First, the bad news:

According to the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) the 2011 applicant stats looked like this:

  • Approximately 3.5 applicants for every available PA school seat
  • Average GPA of those accepted was 3.5
  • Average amount of health care experience was over 1,300 hours

Clearly, the competition is fierce, and getting noticed among thousands of applicants isn’t easy.  But once you complete your prerequisite courses and add up your health care experience hours, your application is pretty much out of your hands.

Or is it?

The last, and often most important hurdle to clear before hitting the TRANSMIT button is the essay.  The essay, which CASPA calls your narrative,  is your last chance to make a good first impression.  From it, admissions committees often decide if you deserve an interview – and no one gets into PA school without an interview.

The good news?  Simple: most applicants write bad PA school essays.  They write essays that are boring, disorganized, leave out crucial information, or take the wrong approach to discussing weak areas.  If your essay is solid,  it can vault your application ahead of many of the others and get you noticed.

Does the idea of writing your PA school essay stress you out?  Unsure what to say?  Or maybe you have a good essay but want to increase your chances by making it a great one?  Inside PA Training’s Crafting a Winning PA School Essay: A Step-by Step Guide to Tipping the Odds in Your Favor is the solution.  It gets you noticed and moves you from the “probably not” pile to the “definitely interview” pile.

Crafting a Winning PA School Essay is the ebook that will walk you step-by-step through the PA essay process.  It will guide you through the creation of a well-written PA school essay — the first time around — that communicates who you are, how you’re different from the rest, and why you deserve an invitation to interview.

Ebook Highlights

We’ve worked long and hard to consolidate everything we know about writing a PA school essay into an effective, easy-to-use guide.  It’s well written, in Adobe PDF format, with a clickable table of contents so you can quickly and easily jump to what you need.

Crafting a Winning PA School Essay ebook covers:

  • The 4 Goals of Every PA School Essay
  • Step 1: Assessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses as an Applicant
  • Step 2: Mapping Your Essay
  • Step 3-5: Introductions, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusions
  • 11 Things to Leave Out of Your Essay
  • Surprising Things You Should Include in Your Essay
  • The Rules of Sharing Weaknesses – Includes how to address a low GPA, limited medical experience, etc. 
  • Avoiding the Most Common Errors in Essay Construction
  • The Ultimate Essay Checklist Tells you if your essay is ready and what it still needs if it isn’t.
  • How to Format your PA School Essay
  • PA School Essays that worked6 actual PA school essays from successful applicants along with critique of each.
  • Links to audio, video, and written online content to illustrate important points.
  • 46 pages of content, 49 total
  • “100/100” Guarantee: if this ebook fails to deliver 100% as advertised, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked.  We’re that confident in it.

It’s time to prove that PA is the career for you. 

Get your copy of Crafting a Winning PA School Essay today to write an essay that gets your application noticed.

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Paul B. Kubin, MS, PA-C is physician assistant, writer, speaker, and creator of Inside PA Training, the IPAT Physician Assistant Forum, and the Physician Assistant Insider Podcast.  A graduate of UC Davis School of Medicine’s PA Program, he has read and critiqued hundreds of PA school application essays, and knows what makes a successful PA school candidate.  He lives in Auburn, California, and works in Primary and Urgent Care.