What do you need to know about the Graduate Requisite Exam?

GRE: Just How Important Is it?

We've been writing about PA school admissions for more than fouryears now, and we were a little embarrassed to realize the other day that we've never written specifically about the importance of the Graduate Requisite Exam.  So just how important is the GRE?  First, it's important to have a little background. What is the GRE? [...]

GRE Self Study

Today’s article will focus on studying for the GRE on your own. Not all physician assistant programs require the GRE for admission, but if you are applying to one or more that do,  maximizing your score through good GRE preparation is crucial.  For me, the GRE felt like another hoop I needed to jump through to become a PA – a flaming hoop that hovered six feet off the ground.  But hopefully this article will get you started on your own flaming hoop jump. First, I’ll briefly discuss the advantages […]