Paying for PA School

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Can You Work While Going to PA School?

We’ve been asked twice already this week: “Can you work while going to PA school?” Times are tough, and everyone wants to minimize student debt, and if you’ve been reading us for a while, you know that PA school costs anywhere from a chunk of change to a truckload.  So why wouldn’t you want to…

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Paying for PA School Part 3 – Student Loans

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the costs of PA school, and in Part 2 we covered grants and scholarships.  Today, in the final installment, we cover student loans.  Short of borrowing a stack of Benjamins from your “friend” Sal who works in “sanitation management,” or the concrete business, this means taking…

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Paying for PA School Part 2: Grants and Scholarships

In part 1 of Paying For PA School, I talked about how much PA school can cost, why cost is not the same as quality, and why you shouldn’t rely on working to get you through it.  So if you aren’t going to work, and you aren’t independently wealthy (*ahem*) how do you pay for…

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Paying for PA School, Part 1: Costs

Paying for PA school is a challenge.  So do yourself a favor and start thinking about how you will fund your schooling from early on in the process.  Is this really important at this point?  Won’t I figure it all out when I get there? Let me answer you by telling you the most common…

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