These are articles about what you do leading up to your application to PA school.

Prerequisites For PA School: Four Physiology Concepts To Master Now

The prerequisites for PA School vary widely by program, but one that you'll definitely need for every PA school is physiology. At UC Davis, the first meaty class we take--in the summer quarter of year one--is pathophysiology, the physiology of disease.  It takes physiology a step further by covering what happens in the body when [...]

5 Habits of Highly Effective Pre-Physician Assistant Students

Want to be a successful as a pre-physician assistant student?  Then start cultivating good habits now. If you become an effective pre-physician assistant student, before you know it, you’ll be successful (non-pre-) physician assistant student.  Borrowing from things we did, saw others do, or feel are vital in PA school, we present here the top 5 habits that we think will make you highly effective.  […]