Physician Assistant Specialties

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9 Reasons To Become a Primary Care Physician Assistant

Whether you’re just looking into a career as a physician assistant, or you’re already in PA school, it’s never too early to start thinking about a specialty.  But what about the biggest specialty of all – Primary Care?  Primary Care has had a bit of a public relations problem for decades, but today we’re going…

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Physician Assistant Specialty: Inpatient (Hospitalist) Medicine

What does a Hospitalist Physician Assistant do? In October, I was fortunate enough to get a week off of work to attend the California Academy of Physician Assistants annual conference in Palm Springs, California.  It was a blast, and I ran into my friend and former PA school classmate, Jevon, who is now a physician…

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Physician Assistant Specialty: Cardiology

Today, we examine a popular physician assistant specialty: cardiology. I called in a favor and interviewed my good friend, cardiology physician assistant, Liz Torok.

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Physician Assistant Specialty: Psychiatry

Last post, we learned that psychiatry is among the highest paying physician assistant specialties, if not the highest paying specialty.  A reader asked us just what being a psychiatric physician assistant is like, and this article aims to answer this question.

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What Do Physician Assistants Do? More Than You Think

What Do Physician Assistants Do? Are you considering applying to physician assistant schools but you can’t answer your friends or family when they ask you “What do physician assistants do?”  It’s understandable – the profession is young, and even though it’s growing rapidly, you may not have been treated by a physician assistant before.  …

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Physician Assistant Specialty: Which one is Right for You?

There is a physician assistant specialty that is perfect for you, be it surgery, emergency medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, and urology.  If you are considering a career in physician assistant medicine, having an idea about what physician assistant specialty you might train in will help to guide your career trajectory. About a week ago I…

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