PAI 19: How to open your PA School Application Essay

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You don't need to be an English major to write a good essay, but you do need a good beginning to get the reader engaged and to tell them some important things about you. Most [...]

PAI 18: Get Involved!

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Enough thinking about it -- it's time to act. If you're exploring a career as a PA, it's great to read and listen, but there are plenty of ways to get engaged and actually start [...]

PAI 17: Medical Ethics Interview Questions

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If you are interviewing for PA school, you can expect questions on ethics.  Medical ethics is the study of right and wrong in the medical setting, and many students stumble on them and show their [...]

PAI 16: Difficult Patients

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If you plan on going into medicine, you need to know right now, that not all of your patients will be appreciative, communicative, reasonable, or even NORMAL. Most patients are great, but there are also [...]

PAI 15: Knowing Your Limits as a PA

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There comes a time for any practitioner when a patient or problem is beyond you. PAs, just like physicians, are trained to know when that is.  But how do you know?  And what about mistakes [...]

PAI 14: PAs and Continuing Medical Education

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Once you graduate from PA school, the learning isn't over.  Sure, you learn on the job, but there's still official learning to do. To maintain your license and national certification, there are specific requirements.  In [...]

PAI 13: Application Vital Signs

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What are the big factors that determine the strength of your application to PA school overall? Probably the most common question we have been asked at Inside PA Training is "What are my chances of [...]

PAI 12: Letters of Reference in PA School Admissions

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To get into PA school, you will need letters of reference.  How many do you need?  What kinds of people should you seek out to write for you? There are good ways to go about [...]

PAI 11: Don’t Call Me Doctor

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When you're a PA, what happens when a patient calls you Doctor? Yes, it happens a lot, and it turns out this situation has a lot to say about the profession.  In this episode of [...]

PAI 10: Choosing a Specialty

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What could be more fun than thinking about what specific specialty in medicine you might want to work in?   Not all physician assistants work in primary care.  Which specialty is for you? Thinking about it [...]

PAI 09: Shadowing 101

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Today's episode of the Physician Assistant Insider covers shadowing -- where you actually follow a physician assistant -- or possibly an MD -- to learn about what they do. Believe it or not, doing at [...]

PAI08: The PA/MD Relationship

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The podcast is back this month to get to the bottom of a question we get all the time: Just what is the relationship like between a PA and his/her supervising physician?  Enjoy.

PAI 07: Grade Problems

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Okay, so one of the most popular posts we've ever done was an article called "Applying to Physician Assistant School With a Low Grade." It addressed a specific problem, such as what to do if [...]

PAI 06: Health Care Experience – Part I

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Today's episode of the podcast covers a frequently asked about topic: what makes good health care experience (HCE) for applying to PA school?Here I go over what to look for in any activity you are [...]

PAI 05: Emergency Medicine Rotation

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As PA school graduation on June 9th bears down on me, my hospital rotations are in full swing.  With so much to do and so little free time, I decided to podcast about my Emergency [...]

PAI 04: PA vs NP

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In this week's Physician Assistant Insider episode, we cover PA vs NP.  What's the difference between the two?  How are they similar?  If you want to become either one, you need to know this stuff.  [...]

PAI 03: Choosing a Major

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If you want to become a PA, which major should you choose?  Which should you avoid, and why?  How much difference does it really make?

PAI 02: Misconceptions about PAs

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In Episode 2, I address some common misconceptions about physician assistants.  Enjoy!

PAI 01: About Inside PA Training

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The Physician Assistant Insider podcast is finally here!  Some episodes will be audio versions of previously published articles, and some will be completely new material. Episode 1 summary: I introduce the podcast, the blog, and [...]