Two Exams Down, Two To Go

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Tomorrow is the last day of finals.  I survived my oral practicum — I did okay, but I missed a few things that I should have known better on.  As a psychotherapist, I should be a genius at collecting a psychosocial history.  This is the part of the history where the clinician asks about the other stuff that influences a patient’s health and health care.

I didn’t dig quite deep enough, and ended up missing some important details [NOTE: our class has been requested to not share exam material, so I won’t go into the case or what I flubbed].  As a therapist, this was my bread and butter, but as a PA student I was more concerned with doing a good exam and not running out of time. I guess I won’t ever make that mistake again…

physician assistant auscultating a patient's heart

There's a lot to keep track of in an oral practicum

My medicine final went fine; in fact,  I kind of liked it.  It felt like a 2-hour puzzle.  They give you clues, you sort through them to decide which are relevant, and try to place the missing piece.  Unlike the puzzles my kids do at home, this one made my brain hurt when it was over.

Tomorrow we have our pediatric and behavioral health exams.  When they’re complete, we have our white coat ceremony, which is actually planned and hosted by the second-year students.  Yikes, I’m nervous!  As promised, our next post will be Part II of the origins of the white coat piece.  We’ll share our own white coat experiences.

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  1. Dan S December 8, 2010 at 1:56 pm - Reply


    My name is Dan and I am interested in the PA profession. I am currently a Certified Athletic Trainer and have been working at a high school since I graduated 3 years ago. I also have a CSCS and I work as a “post rehab specialist” for the company I am employed by. I have been interested in PA school for some time now and am now just recently starting to get the wheels in motion. But before I make any decisions I wanted to talk to a few strangers about the profession that are in the know. I could not find an e-mail on the blog to personally get in touch with you guys so i figured I would just post a comment. If you don’t mind, and after your finals are over, I would love to pick your brains a bit about the profession and the schooling via email. Feel free to delete this comment and email me at the one provided. Thanks very much and good luck on the last two finals.

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