Today’s Lectures: Endocrinology

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I figured it was time for a quick update on our current activities in the program.  This week, we returned to class after two weeks “off,” during which we prepared for our EKG exam number 1. This block, we’re learning endocrinology, which is complicated, but fascinating.

  • We took the EKG exam 1 on Tuesday, our first day back from break. It’s a pattern we’ve gotten very used to.  Things seem to move more quickly every day, and we seem better able to handle it the more we learn.
  • Yesterday we had lectures on general endocrinology, diabetes, and endocrine hypertension.
  • Today (Thursday), though we haven’t yet started on neurology (this quarter), we had a great lecturer available, so we jumped ahead for a lecture on epilepsy.
  • A few moments ago (when I took the photo above) we were discussing insulin formulations.  There are actually many different types (fast acting, short acting, long acting), and they need to be chosen and manipulated carefully to adequately control diabetes.  Our lecturer is a PhD pharmacist who gives the same lecture to the med students.
  • Right now, we are in a lecture about thyroid therapy.  There are four different types of thyroid medications – T3, T4, T3 & T4, and dessicated thyroid products (porcine thyroid, made from ground and dehydrated pig thyroid glands).
  • This afternoon we have a lecture on Diabetes self-management, which will teach us how to educated patients about their disease, and then we will go over endocrinology case studies.  These case studies are opportunities for us to think through hypothetical patients as a group, and they help us practice the differential diagnosis process.


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