The Path To Physician Assistant School


As a PA coach, I’ve seen it hundreds of times — every year, excited students who are eager to join this profession, shooting themselves in the foot.
“Wait, WHAT?” I hear you cry.  You read that right; they shoot themselves in the foot.

Here’s how they do it:

  • They aren’t familiar with the application process
  • They apply too late
  • They take the wrong prerequisite coursework
  • They write bad or forgettable essays
  • Their application doesn’t read well
  • They crash and burn during an interview
  • And about 30 other ways

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I know about all this foot shooting because they seek me out for help when it all goes wrong, and I help them make it right.  But usually what goes through my mind is some version of “That didn’t have to happen.”

So I wrote the ebook they should have read from the start.  That ebook, The Path to Physician Assistant School: A Guide to the PA School Application Process, is the primer for PA school applicants. It provides an overview of the application process, along with discussion of the most common errors that pre-PA students commit.  And yes — it also explains how to avoid them.
The Path to Physician Assistant School is the starting place for any solid PA school application.  It’s 23 pages of things I wish I had known when I started down this path.  And yes, it’s 100% free when you sign up for Inside PA Training’s email updates.