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Got Questions?

Ask the right person and end the uncertainty.

Let’s face it: the physician assistant field is a bit of a mystery to most Americans. How do you get reliable answers to your questions about it?

With Inside PA Training phone consultations, you can finally talk one-on-one with someone who has the answers.

Meet your coach

Paul Kubin, MS, PA-C is a nationally certified Physician Assistant and America’s leading PA career coach.  He has read more applications and essays, spoken with more pre-PA’s, and given more advice on the topic than anyone.  He has counseled applicants on all manner of pre-PA admissions questions and has a comprehensive understanding of PA school preparation and application strategy. If you’re not sure of what you’re doing, you’ll be glad to have his support, encouragement, and advice.

Teleconsults are ideal for getting clarity on questions such as:

  • Is a career as a physician assistant right for me?
  • How does the PA school application process work?
  • What can I do to set myself up for success as I prepare for PA school?

They are also a great way to develop a thoughtful strategy to address your specific situation, such as:

  • What do I need to do differently as a younger/older applicant?
  • How should I talk about X/Y/Z in my essay/interview?
  • I didn’t get in – what next?
  • I have a failed class, received a DUI, have a disability, etc.  What should I do?

To Get Started

Just click the link below to hire Paul for a 60-minute phone consultation for a flat fee of $159.  You will receive a Paypal invoice and a chance to include a little information about where you need help. Once you’ve paid the invoice, Paul will contact you directly to schedule your phone consultation, and finally, you’ll be on your way to getting some answers.

Includes one 60-minute phone consultation to help you with whatever you need
Find answers to your questions
Get some direction
Improve your application’s chances of success.
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