PAI 09: Shadowing 101

Today's episode of the Physician Assistant Insider covers shadowing -- where you actually follow a physician assistant -- or possibly an MD -- to learn about what they do. Believe it or not, doing at least some shadowing before you apply to PA school is crucial. Here Paul tells you why, and how to get [...]

How To Shadow A Physician Assistant

How To Shadow a Physician Assistant the Right Way We’ve talked about why you need to shadow a physician assistant, and how to find a physician assistant to shadow.  When it’s time to actually shadow a physician assistant, there is definitely a right way to go about it.  First, know the four Cardinal Rules. […]

Six Reasons You Need To Shadow A PA

Six Reasons You Need to Shadow a PA If you are planning to apply to PA Training programs, you should definitely shadow a PA first.  You may have heard about “Job Shadowing,”  or just shadowing. It’s basically an informal arrangement to observe a professional as they go about their work.  Some PA school applicants don’t think it sounds glamorous or serious or whatever, and they don’t ever do it.  Big mistake. […]