Quick Health Care Experience for PA School?

Dear Paul, I am currently completing my junior year of undergrad as a Biology major and I’m psyched about becoming a Physician Assistant.  The trouble is, after looking at the requirements, it seems that every school wants to see something like 1000 hours of health care experience.  Some schools even want 3000 hours!  You see, I have none.  What is the quickest way to get 1000 hours?  I want to have things ready so I can start PA school in the fall after I graduate.  Any advice?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             –Rebecca Dear Rebecca: First, let me say that I’m psyched that you’re psyched about it – your enthusiasm will take you far.  Some variation of your question has been asked of me many times – enough times that it’s the topic of today’s post.  The answer to “How do I get health care experience for PA school quickly?” is very important to PA school applicant success. […]