One Week’s Worth of Patients

Tomorrow I check out of physician assistant school year one, which means I need to present all my notes from patients, preceptor evaluations, etc. to show that I’ve met my PA program’s clinic requirements. […]

Introducing My Preceptor: The Thin Man

I began my official work with patients this week, so it’s time to introduce the newest character in the PA education saga – my preceptor, The Thin Man. Who is the Thin Man? He is a family practice physician with personality!  I think of him like an oversized hummingbird – zipping around the clinic, holding [...]

Our Toughest Quarter of PA Training Begins

The Real Fun Begins Winter quarter is here, and with it, all the brain-bending goodness of what everyone tells us is the the hardest quarter of our PA training program. We hear that this is because: Winter quarter of year I is where things start to get crazy. Now that we are two [...]

Understanding Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform At the end of this post, you'll find a a fine summary of the recently passed Health Care Reform law, brought to you by the Kaiser Family Foundation.  It's a cartoon narrated by Cokie Roberts (yes, the Cokie Roberts from the news shows), and explains the basics of the law in about [...]