PAI 15: Knowing Your Limits as a PA

There comes a time for any practitioner when a patient or problem is beyond you. PAs, just like physicians, are trained to know when that is.  But how do you know?  And what about mistakes and avoiding them?  How does it work when you're new to the PA scope of practice?  To be a good [...]

PAI 11: Don’t Call Me Doctor

When you're a PA, what happens when a patient calls you Doctor? Yes, it happens a lot, and it turns out this situation has a lot to say about the profession.  In this episode of the Physician Assistant Insider, Paul shares stories and discusses this issue, including how he handles it.

PAI 10: Choosing a Specialty

What could be more fun than thinking about what specific specialty in medicine you might want to work in?   Not all physician assistants work in primary care.  Which specialty is for you? Thinking about it now can save you time and heartache down the line -- and it's fun!  You don't need to decide until [...]

PAI08: The PA/MD Relationship

The podcast is back this month to get to the bottom of a question we get all the time: Just what is the relationship like between a PA and his/her supervising physician?  Enjoy.

PA Student Interviews: Josh

It's time to hear from the ones in the trenches -- the physician assistant students.  Today I interviewed Josh about his 27 months as a PA student which will soon be ending with his graduation.  His strategy for getting into a PA program is very interesting, and proves that there are things that make up [...]

New York Times Praises Physician Assistants

Last week’s New York Times included a very positive article about the PA field: The Physician Assistant Will See You, which was both great publicity for PA’s and sign of growing trust in this exploding profession. Like most articles on physician assistants, it included a description of what exactly a PA is and how to become one.  But rather than stopping there […]

Forbes’ Best Masters Degree for Jobs? Phyisican Assistant.

Times have been tough, and I still get questions about the viability of the Physician Assistant profession, so news that Physician Assistant Studies tops the list of Forbes'Best and Worst Master's Degrees for Jobs 2014 should be well received. According to the Forbes, the rankings are based on's salary data for 45 of the [...]

Get the Inside PA Training App: Physician Assistant Insider

Get the App at iTunes Now After many months of development, Inside PA Training's App, Physician Assistant Insider,  is finally here and available on iTunes! Physician Assistant Insider iPhone/iPad App No one wants to lug their laptop wherever they go just to keep up on things.  Physician Assistant Insider allows you to keep up [...]

Do Physician Assistants Work Weekends, Nights, or Holidays?

One of the touted joys of the physician assistant profession is that “PAs don’t need to take call on holidays or weekends.”  I’ve even met several people who entered PA training for just this reason.  But… […]

PAI 02: Misconceptions about PAs

In Episode 2, I address some common misconceptions about physician assistants.  Enjoy!