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Physician Assistant School Essay: What to Write About

Okay, the next video in our series on writing your essay is here, and it’s aim is to help you decide what to actually write about.  How do you choose the subject matter?  How do you answer the question they ask you: “Describe your motivation for becoming a physician assistant”?

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PA vs MD: Sundance 1 Year Later

A year ago I kicked off our PA vs MD section with a video interview of my classmate, Sundance.  Before starting PA school at UC Davis School of medicine,  she was a medical student there, and chose to switch paths.  When she first spoke on camera we were just one quarter into our PA training. …

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One Week’s Worth of Patients

Tomorrow I check out of physician assistant school year one, which means I need to present all my notes from patients, preceptor evaluations, etc. to show that I’ve met my PA program’s clinic requirements.

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Ten Awesome Things I Did My First Year In PA School

On June 28, 2011, I crossed the halfway mark to completing PA school.  In honor of this momentous occasion here’s list of just ten awesome things I did during my first year in PA school (click the red links to read a few of them): Wrote my first prescription.  Since I was still a student,…

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