PA School Essay: 3 Things You Must Communicate

Let's talk about the BIG PICTURE of your PA school application essay.  Students struggle when it comes time to write their essay because most of the their application is pretty much fill-in-the-blanks.  Then they get to the essay section and see a giant empty page/screen.  For CASPA, the question is (intentionally) vague: In the space [...]

The Physician Assistant School Essay: How Important Is it?

Today’s video, The Physician Assistant School Essay: How Important Is It?  is the first of more to come about making the most out of your essay when you submit your CASPA application.  How are essays reviewed?  How does this affect your essay creation process?  […]

PA School Essay: 11 Things To Leave Out

There's plenty of ground cover in your PA school essay.  But it's not all about what goes in.  Here are 11 things that definitely should not go into your PA school essay. Writing about how you want to be a doctor after being a PA, or would prefer to be a doctor to being a [...]

Physician Assistant Admissions Committees: What They Search For

Physician assistant admissions committees can be tough to please.  A reader emailed us this week with a question about it: Hey, guys.  After exploring your site, I'm convinced that PA is a better fit for me than MD.  My question is: how does one convince a physician assistant admissions committee?  Any help in the matter [...]