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Physician Assistant Salary Update

Well, it’s time again to review the numbers for physician assistant salary.  I won’t try to keep you in suspense – they’re promising!  And what’s more, if you follow these stats you begin to learn some interesting things about the field, the economy, and more.  I hope you find it helpful (if you like it,…

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Physician Assistant Job Search: Learn From My Experience

Today I’m sharing my physician assistant job search tips in the hopes that they will save a few of you some heartache, and maybe snag you the job of your dreams.   Yes, I have accepted a physician assistant job.  I will be working in Urgent and Primary Care in Carmichael, California, a suburb of Sacramento. …

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Physician Assistant Salary Report 2011

It’s been a year since we last wrote about physician assistant salary and that of nurse practitioners, and in that time there have been large changes in our profession, in health care, and most importantly in the economy.  Not surprisingly, these changes have had a great influence on mid-level provider income, and more interestingly, the…

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Physician Assistant Salary: The 2010 PA Census

Even in a down economy, physician assistant salary numbers remain strong. The American Association of Physician Assistants recently released its 2010 Census & Salary Report, a survey of approximately 20,000 physician assistants (both AAPA members and non-members) about the types of work they do, where they work, their job satisfaction, and physician assistant salary. Median…

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PA vs NP: Salary Comparison

We get the question all the time about PA vs NP salary comparison.  So we decided to answer in some detail. It’s a great question, but it’s hard to find good data on NP salaries because the Bureau of Labor Statistics, where NP salaries are tracked, lumps them in with the salaries of regular nurses. …

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