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PAI 17: Medical Ethics Interview Questions

If you are interviewing for PA school, you can expect questions on ethics.  Medical ethics is the study of right and wrong in the medical setting, and many students stumble on them and show their weakness.  But with some learning and practice, this can be an area of your interview that sets you apart from…

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Physician Assistant School Interview: Make Yours Stand Out

We’ve written at length at Inside PA Training about how important your physician assistant school interview is.  It usually represents the last hurdle in sealing your seat in a class.  If you do well, you’re going to be a PA.  If not, it’s back to the drawing board.  Today we share a few tips that…

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5 Questions You Should Ask At Your PA School Interview

Most people think of an interview as an uncomfortable exercise in being scrutinized by others.  But interviews are a two-way street; you’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.  With this in mind, there are 5 questions you should ask at your PA school interview:

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Group Interviews: Steps for Success

PA school applicants almost universally dread group interviews.  Intuitively, it might seem that the only thing more stressful than being interviewed is being interviewed right alongside your competition.   But if you’re ready and you know what to expect, a group interview can become a great way to show your strengths and stand out from…

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Physician Assistant School: How to Reinterview

Physician assistant school admissions are competitive, and if you don’t get in, you’ll need to prepare for re-interviewing.  Today we consider how to do this. 

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