PAI 17: Medical Ethics Interview Questions

If you are interviewing for PA school, you can expect questions on ethics.  Medical ethics is the study of right and wrong in the medical setting, and many students stumble on them and show their weakness.  But with some learning and practice, this can be an area of your interview that sets you apart from [...]

PAI 15: Knowing Your Limits as a PA

There comes a time for any practitioner when a patient or problem is beyond you. PAs, just like physicians, are trained to know when that is.  But how do you know?  And what about mistakes and avoiding them?  How does it work when you're new to the PA scope of practice?  To be a good [...]

Get the Inside PA Training App: Physician Assistant Insider

Get the App at iTunes Now After many months of development, Inside PA Training's App, Physician Assistant Insider,  is finally here and available on iTunes! Physician Assistant Insider iPhone/iPad App No one wants to lug their laptop wherever they go just to keep up on things.  Physician Assistant Insider allows you to keep up [...]

PAI 05: Emergency Medicine Rotation

As PA school graduation on June 9th bears down on me, my hospital rotations are in full swing.  With so much to do and so little free time, I decided to podcast about my Emergency Medicine rotation from my commute. What do PAs do in the ER?  What is the personality of Emergency Medicine?  How [...]

PAI 01: About Inside PA Training

The Physician Assistant Insider podcast is finally here!  Some episodes will be audio versions of previously published articles, and some will be completely new material. Episode 1 summary: I introduce the podcast, the blog, and myself.  We then turn to a discussion of an important question: "What a physician assistant?"  Even if you know, you [...]