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Program Update: Graduation Nears

As you can see from the graduation invitation above, we will complete our 2-year physician assistant school odyssey in just 12 days.  I have

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PA vs MD: Sundance 1 Year Later

A year ago I kicked off our PA vs MD section with a video interview of my classmate, Sundance.  Before starting PA school at UC Davis School of medicine,  she was a medical student there, and chose to switch paths.  When she first spoke on camera we were just one quarter into our PA training. …

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Program Update: Fall Finals, Year 2

Hi, all.  Rather than go a week without any posts, I thought I’d drop a line to give the skinny on the recent program and site developments.  Hopefully this will tide you over until next week, when I have new posts planned: This week we have Fall Year 2 finals.  Wednesday is an exam on…

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PAI 03: Choosing a Major

If you want to become a PA, which major should you choose?  Which should you avoid, and why?  How much difference does it really make?

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The Physician Assistant Program Directory

I’d like to share Inside PA Training’s newest feature with you: the Physician Assistant Program Directory.  It’s a complete list of all ARC-PA accredited physician assistant programs in the US, organized by state.  Click the link above to visit the directory, and you can choose the state(s) that interest you. For each state’s page, the…

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PAI 02: Misconceptions about PAs

In Episode 2, I address some common misconceptions about physician assistants.  Enjoy!

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