PA School Application Tip #4: Get Great Health Care Experience

After your grades, the most important aspect of your pa school application is your health care experience. PA school is a relatively brief two years.  In that time you need to learn so many things – physiology, disease processes, pharmacology, behavioral health, health care policy, and so much more.  The only way you can learn it in such a short span is if you already know something about medicine when you start. […]

PA School Application Tip #3: Think Big

Physician assistant programs like applicants who think big.  Most applicants think small, and in so doing, hurl themselves into the pits of mediocrity, dooming their application to the “Maybe Next Year” pile. […]

PA School Application Tip #2: Protect Your GPA

If you’re applying to PA school, protect your GPA. We frequently receive emails from PA school applicants who are wondering what to do about low grades when they apply.  It’s understandable – sh*t sometimes happens.  […]

PA School Application Tips: #1 – Show, Don’t Tell

This week we begin a new project: a series of PA school application tips that will help you put your PA school application on the top of the pile, and secure your seat in class.  In the coming months, we will be adding tips, one at a time, until we have a set of cardinal rules for applying to physician assistant school.  […]