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AAPA Annual Convention This Week!

Hey, everybody.  Things are crazy lately, with another rough set of final exams, another oral practicum (if you don’t know what an oral practicum is, my post on oral practica.  This one will require me to diagnose and treat some ailment from the following list of intimidating topics: neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, orthopedics, or rheumatology. Yes,…

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Updates: Is There An App For Inside PA Training?

I figured it was time for status update, so… First, Is there an app for that? Well, if you’re talking about the Inside PA Training blog, the answer will soon be yes. An enthusiastic reader (shout out to Zhanna!) suggested we come up for an iPhone app so you can take IPAT on the road…

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Two Exams Down, Two To Go

Tomorrow is the last day of finals.  I survived my oral practicum — I did okay, but I missed a few things that I should have known better on.  As a psychotherapist, I should be a genius at collecting a psychosocial history.  This is the part of the history where the clinician asks about the…

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