PAI 17: Medical Ethics Interview Questions

If you are interviewing for PA school, you can expect questions on ethics.  Medical ethics is the study of right and wrong in the medical setting, and many students stumble on them and show their weakness.  But with some learning and practice, this can be an area of your interview that sets you apart from [...]

The Ethics of Shadowing And Practicing Medicine

You don’t need to be a licensed PA to begin practicing ethically. I recently received a letter from a woman (I will call her Joan) who found Inside PA Training while researching the ethics of shadowing.  Her letter brought forth all kinds of feelings for me, and I think it’s a great way to discuss ethical practice in medicine. Dear Paul, I recently had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor for knee issues. After I had my vitals checked and was wearing paper “shorts,” the PA came in and introduced herself and the very young lady with her as her assistant.  I had to ask what this “assistant” had to do with my care and it was only then that the truth came out.  She did not ask me if I was okay with a shadowing student in the room.   Joan requested the student to leave.  She told me that she had already been a patient in a similar situation once before.  She felt that these episodes demonstrated a lack of professional conduct and common courtesy, and that they ruined the sense of trust that she had with her provider. […]