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AAPA Annual Convention This Week!

Hey, everybody.  Things are crazy lately, with another rough set of final exams, another oral practicum (if you don’t know what an oral practicum is, my post on oral practica.  This one will require me to diagnose and treat some ailment from the following list of intimidating topics: neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, orthopedics, or rheumatology. Yes,…

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Final Exams Can Surprise You

My Final Exam Situation:  Question #1 – “Uh… Okay.  I’ll come back to this one…” #2 – “You’re kidding me right?”  Next…  #3 – “Hold the phone!”  “Where in the hell did this come from?”) As you can tell the beginning of my exam didn’t start the way I hoped it would. Darn it!  I…

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