Today’s pre-PA resource of the day is one of my favorites.  How to you learn about the enormous field of microbiology in your spare time?  Like some of our previous resources, this is a great one for pre-PA students on the go.  Learn about bugs, infection, immunity, antibiotics, food science, and many other cool aspects of the micro you may even be studying in class. is a website published by the American Society for Microbiology.  But don’t worry – you don’ t need to be a microbiologist, or even a member to use the site.  The site features news articles, links to science related information, a great podcast about microbiology (available in both video and audio-only formats), and even an app so that you can get it all on your mobile device.  The material is approachable if you aren’t a scientist, and it’s very well produced.

Remember the video we posted (some time ago) about Bonnie Bassler and her amazing discovery of a phenomena called quorum sensing? It was a fascinating piece that I first discovered while listening to the Microbeworld audio podcast.  (If you haven’t seen it yet, you should – Bassler’s discovery may soon revolutionize how we treat infectious conditions).

Both audio and video versions of the podcast are available on iTunes.  Here’s an introductory video on the Microbeworld Site.  Pre-PA microbiology never felt so easy.   Check it out, and enjoy!