What is the physician assistant job outlook like?

When the economy’s in the dumper, everyone is looking for the “sure thing” job.  And who can blame them?  Job security is a commodity like any other.  But finding a job that is safe for the foreseeable future and satisfying, well-compensated, and attainable is a very tall order.  As we all know, there is no such thing as a sure thing – but the physician assistant profession comes close.

Exhibit A: CNN Money Magazine’s 2009 (most recent data available) rankings for the 50 best jobs in America – physician assistant was ranked as #2. (Incidentally, the closest spot on the list for MDs was for general practitioners at 19th!)

Read the piece at money.com piece on the best jobs in America and bookmark it to reread whenever you need a lift. Burnt from night classes in microbiology?  Tired of working so much to get medical exposure?  Read the article, and things may come into focus.