Have a ton of items to learn for anatomy, medical terminology, or microbiology? Got an exam coming up on Spanish verbs or the Bill of Rights?  Want to learn the material when you’re away from home? There is an answer.  A great one, in fact.

The Problem



Funny index card

Beyond the Index Card




As PA students, we have a lot of concepts to learn, just as we did as pre-med students.  We’ve all made flashcards, and they’re one of the best ways to learning definitions, lists, and facts.  But they take time to write, and then you need to carry them around with you.  When I used them, I found I either forgot to take them where I went (and therefore didn’t use them), or was always dropping them at school, like a big fat goober.

When I got into PA school, efficiency became the driving force for everything I did.  What saves time?  What makes the job more efficient, more portable, more convenient?  Many of my classmates found the same solution, and I love it.  Have I kept you waiting on the edge of your seat long enough?  Okay, here goes…

The Solution

iFlipr.  iFlipr is a smartphone app for creating and reviewing flashcards.  Yes, there are lots of flashcard apps out there, but I haven’t yet found one I like as much as iFlipr.

How it works:

  • Download the app ($4.99* – the price of a few packs of 3×5 cards at Staples) and register.
  • Make your own flashcard decks, using as many cards per deck as you want (they recommend no more than 100 in a deck for fastest
    iFlipr flashcard smartphone app

    iFlipr is cheap, convenient, and flexible


  • Learn the cards on your desktop, notebook, or smartphone.  Learn in two modes: practice and quiz.
  • When you feel you know the material on a card, mark it as done, and it will not be presented again unless you want it to be.

Other Cool Features:

  • Find and use the decks of other users on all kinds of subjects (not just medical)
  • Share yours with others in your classes
  • Make lists on a spreadsheet program like MS Excel* (in comma separated format AKA .CSV) and easily import them to iFlipr.com to use on your device
  • Cards can use text only, or images (I used them for dermatology, with photos of the various lesions).


  • Review with iFlipr anytime you need to wait.  The other day I reviewed while waiting for my turn at Supercuts*.
  • You can take notes in class  on your notebook computer by creating a card for each concept at iFlipr.com.  This way you don’t write things twice, and you’re ready to review the minute you get out of class.  Some fellow PA students in my class do this, and it seems to work.
  • Have a team of classmates who will make a deck and share it with a name you will all be able to search for on iFlipr.  As they say, many hands make light work.

*I’ve mentioned a few products by name today, and that’s not meant as an endorsement.  I’m not on the iFlipr people’s payroll, but if they know what’s good for them, they’ll call me…  -P