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PA School Interview CoachingIf you have a PA school interview, congratulations are definitely in order. But don’t celebrate just yet; it takes plenty of work to prepare properly for PA interview questions. With so much riding on this important event, you need to know where you’re weak, where you’re strong, and how to leverage this knowledge to maximize your chances.  That’s where interview coaching comes in.

Why You Need PA School Interview Coaching

With Inside PA Training’s interview coaching, you will know your part – how to impress them and show them your unique gifts – while being ready for whatever they throw at you. What are their concerns, what do they want to hear, and how can you reassure them in a genuine, convincing way? With interview coaching, you will be ready for these, so that no matter what happens, you will make a great impression.

Meet Your Interview Coach

PA School Interview Coaching: Paul Kubin, PA-S

Paul Kubin, PA-C is the publisher of Inside PA Training and America’s leading PA career coach. He has helped students of all types to achieve their goal of entering the physician assistant profession. He has served as for consultant the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics on PA careers, and his articles on the profession are read more than 1 million times a year. Paul’s supportive and enthusiastic coaching style have made interview coaching Inside PA Training’s most popular service.

How Paul Can Help You Prepare for Your PA Interview

Here are some of things Paul can help you to do:

  • Overcome anxiety and project confidence
  • Go beyond the standard answers that everyone uses and that admissions
    committees look out for
  • Play to your strengths and even create new ones from your weaknesses
  • Determine how well a school “fits” your needs. After all, you’re interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing you!
  • Deal with curve-ball PA interview questions and special situations such as group interviews or the newer Mini Multiple Interview (MMI) format
  • Know what to do after the interview

How Our PA School Interview Coaching Process Works

Paul has done interview coaching many ways, and over time he has refine his work to make your preparation as efficient and effective as it can be.  Here’s how it works:

Interview coaching is done in two 1-hour-15-minute sessions via Skype.

  • In session one, Paul will familiarize you with the most important interview questions and help you to formulate responses that speak to the concerns of your interviewer — because every questi0n is asked for a reason, and that reason isn’t always obvious.  He’ll teach you good habits to improve any answer you give, and teach you how to practice.  A list of the interview questions covered during the session and a list of things you should avoid saying is given to you at the end of the session.
  • In session two, Paul will check in with you about how the practice went and allow you to ask questions on any areas that are giving you difficulty.  Then he will conduct a mock interview using the material covered so far and give you feedback on what’s working and what needs improvement.
  • After the sessions are over, you will receive an email with specific recommendations of what to work on in your final interview preparation.

The start-to-finish cost for this service is $299.  Email questions are included at no extra cost to you, so if there’s anything you’re not sure about between or after the sessions, you just ask Paul, and he’ll answer.

What Paul’s Clients Say About Interview Coaching

After working with Paul, I felt confident to face my PA interview. I knew what I had to offer and how to come across looking my best. Many PA school candidates are choosing the PA profession for similar reasons, and there’s a danger that your answers will sound just like everyone else’s. Paul helped me transform generic, yet true, answers into responses that provided a glimpse into the real me. The best part about Paul’s training was that at my interview, I didn’t feel fake and rehearsed, saying what everybody knows the school wants to hear. Rather, I felt like I was opening up to an old friend, confidently discussing the truth about my dreams of becoming a PA.                     – Kelly
If there is one thing I could recommend to prepare for your PA school interview, it would be to work one-on-one with Paul. I had very limited interview experience going into this process, and I had also been out of the university setting for a while so I did not have an advisor to turn to. I had no idea where to begin. Paul quickly got me up to speed on the relevant topics I needed to prepare for, and more importantly, how to prepare for them. During my first meeting with Paul I was extremely nervous but through our sessions and email communications he helped me become 100% confident by interview day. I knocked my first interview out of the park and got an offer for admission from my first choice school. Thanks again Paul!                                                                                  – Taylor

How to Get Started with PA Interview Coaching

Just click the green button below.   Once you’re signed up, Paul will email you to set up your first session of interview coaching!

Interview Coaching
One-on-one coaching via Skype to assess your interview strengths and weaknesses and prepare you for anything an interviewer can throw at you. Includes:
75 minutes of live instruction, prep, and time for Q&A
75 minutes of live mock interview with feedback
Written summary of what to work on after your your mock interview and the big day
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