We’ve started a series of articles called PA School Application Tips, and the aim is to collect the best strategies, hints, and practices for increasing your chances of acceptance to PA school.

Here’s an in-progress list of them so you can quickly jump to what interests you the most.  New articles will be added as they’re published.

Tip #1: Have a Game Plan

The most important tip of all, along with a list of things to plan for.

Tip #2: Show, Don’t Tell 

Here we teach you how to properly share information about who you are with admissions committees, and how to avoid the most common pitfall of all.  Useful when writing your application essay (narrative), and when interviewing.

Tip#3: Protect Your GPA

Strong academic performance is a crucial ingredient in a strong PA school application.  This tip tells you why, and how to avoid GPA mishaps.

Tip#3: Think Big

Thinking small never won a baseball game, and there’s plenty to learn from that fact.  Here we delve into how you need to think big to have a successful PA school application, and give you some steps to help you start doing it.

Tip #4: Get Great Health Care Experience

Keep checking back for more PA school application tips!