Medical humor and medical oddities are great take a break from the sometimes exhausting pursuit of a physician assistant career.  Here are some of our favorite medical humor and odd distractions:

  1. Puppies as a Laxative – a totally twisted article that is about exactly what it sounds like.  From our friends at the always quirky, always fun site, the Elephant Toenail Report.
  2. 15 Most Bizarre X-Rays – you don’t need to be skilled at reading x-rays to know what’s wrong with these pictures.  Amazing, scary, and just plain weird what you can find in people’s’ bodies!
  3. Interesting Medical Facts – more than you ever wanted to know about dentistry, cow dung, and medical negligence.
  4. Top 10 Bizarre Surgical Procedures – seems to have an emphasis on sexual organs and the brain.  Warning – because of its subject matter, there are some graphic photos that may be unsuitable for some.
  5. David After the Dentist (VIDEO) – a classic.  Anesthesia + children = hilarity.
  6. Patient Dropped (VIDEO) – I guess these medics never heard the part about “First do no harm.”  Ouch!
  7. Worst Paramedic Ever (VIDEO) – Don’t worry – if you watch soccer, you know the patient probably was just faking it anyway…
  8. Plastination Gallery – Equal parts cool and eerie here.  Plastination is the process of permanently preserving cadavers (dead bodies) by solidifying them in plastic.  The specimens are controversial, instructive, at times beautiful, and just plain interesting.


We plan to keep adding to this page.  If you come across weird, interesting, or humorous medical items, please send them to us via the “Contact Us” link above.  -P