The following blogs are written and maintained by PAs in the field, and PA students who are in school.  Drop them a line and tell them you heard about them through Inside PA Training, okay?

In no particular order:

  1. I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands
  2. Becoming a Physician Assistant (by Kim Harris, a very cool graduate from the UCD class ahead of mine she works in OB/GYN now)
  3. Inica’s Journey
  4. Morning Rounds – The Rough and Rewarding Road to Becoming a PA
  5. Life as a Physician Assistant Student
  6. Phooey
  7. Gregory House, PA-C
  8. Pre-Physician Assistant Student On a Mission
  9. Changing Careers: Physician Assistant Bound (by a UCD student in the class behind us)
  10. DJ and the PA Journey
  11. Music and Medicine: Journey of a PA Student
  12. The Running PA
  13. A PA Journey
  14. Pre-Physician Assistant Blog by a pre-PA student
  15. Physician Assistant, Finally There by a Certified PA – the site has some great medical reference and how-to info
  16. PA Student Blog
  17. Memo the PA – Memo is a GWU PA and MPH student
  18. – by a PA student in Arkansas

If you know of other PA and PA student blogs, please send them to us, and we’ll add them to the list!