Your CASPA physician assistant school essay is your chance to make yourself irresistible to a CASPA PA school admissions committee.  Unfortunately, many of the most qualified applicants don’t.  Instead, these bright Pre-PA minds are rejected all the time.  Their high GPAs, great letters of recommendation, and great medical experiences should leave you wondering:

What are Physician Assistant Schools Looking For?

I was reminded of the answer a couple of days ago while listening to National Public Radio’s Morning Edition while driving to class.  They did a great piece about what it takes to get into Amherst College, one of the most selective undergraduate universities in America.  According to Amherst’s admissions committee members, many essays describe 2-dimensional applicants.

The Goal of You CASPA Physician Assistant School Essay

The goal of your essay is to get an interview, and to do it, you can’t sound like everyone else.  Learn from the unfortunate overachievers by writing a physician assistant school essay that shows who you really are.  You don’t need to be bizarre or attention-seeking.  But does your essay showcase a real, 3-dimensional person, or just another applicant with scores of blah blah and blah blah experience working at wherever? If the latter, change course NOW – you’re setting yourself up for rejection.  Instead, get them thinking of your uniqueness, your unusual passions and capricious experiences — your humanity.  These are the things that make you irresistable.  What’s more, they might get you an interview despite mediocre grades or limited medical experience (I’ve seen it happen).

No, you aren’t applying to undergraduage colleges.  But much like at Amherst, the PA school application pool is vast, the slots are few, and there will always be candidates with better scores and blah blah than you.  Thankfully for you, in many cases, their essays will portray them as just that: blah. Make sure yours doesn’t.

[If you haven’t checked it out yet, listen to NPR’s Morning Edition: Behind The Scenes: How Do You Get Into Amherst?]