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We’ve shopped around for a good (free) medical Spanish app, and we’ve found one that may be worth adding to your smartphone.

Mavro’s Emergency Medical Spanish Guide is the medical spanish app that we like for the always nice price of free.

emergency medical spanish

emergency medical spanish

EMSG uses a simple list of commonly used medical spanish questions, grouped in 21 well-chosen categories.  The categories include interview and history, body systems, general vocabulary, OPQRST (an acronym used to collect relevant details from a patient), and others.

To use, just tap the category you want, and the most commonly asked questions are listed in black text, along with the medical spanish translation in red text below them.  Finding the proper question and its spanish equivalent is a snap.  If you’re not a spanish speaker at all, you can even tap the phrase and the phone will say it for you (see the * below)

We like this particular medical spanish app because:

  1. It’s simple, with few bells an whistles*
  2. All the questions are YES/NO, so you will always understand your patient’s answer.
  3. It’s organized by category
  4. It contains vocabulary for phrases and words, medical, and non-medical

*The weakness of this app is that they don’t give you quite enough for free.  The audio feature only covers three sections: Introduction, Personal Information, and Neurological Assessment, which is limiting if you speak no spanish.  To get the audio for the other 18 categories, you need to pay (the admittedly small sum of ) $0.99.  For an additional $5.99, the remaining features can be emergency medical spanish examplesunlocked.  These include the ability to bookmark your favorite phrases for even quicker access, and a flashcard feature.  We don’t think these add too much, particularly if you use our favorite flashcard app already.

If you know at least a little about spanish pronunciation, the free version of this medical spanish app is a must have.  If you don’t, for $0.99, you can easily learn.  We don’t think the $5.99 upgrade is the best deal, but for some, it’ll be worth it.

For our money, the free Emergency Medical Spanish Guide is worth more than its asking price. 

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  1. donna April 23, 2012 at 11:56 pm - Reply

    Cant wait to use this app

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