9 Reasons To Become a Primary Care Physician Assistant

Whether you're just looking into a career as a physician assistant, or you're already in PA school, it's never too early to start thinking about a specialty.  But what about the biggest specialty of all - Primary Care?  Primary Care has had a bit of a public relations problem for decades, but today we're going [...]

Physician Assistant Specialty: Inpatient (Hospitalist) Medicine

What does a Hospitalist Physician Assistant do? In October, I was fortunate enough to get a week off of work to attend the California Academy of Physician Assistants annual conference in Palm Springs, California.  It was a blast, and I ran into my friend and former PA school classmate, Jevon, who is now a physician assistant who practices Inpatient (Hospitalist) Medicine.  And yes, I suckered him into a video interview without any preparation, just for you! On the last day of the conference, Jevon and I had a chance to sit down and talk about what he does.  Never heard of a hospitalist?  Well, the short description is that a hospitalist is […]

Physician Assistant Specialty: Cardiology

Today, we examine a popular physician assistant specialty: cardiology. I called in a favor and interviewed my good friend, cardiology physician assistant, Liz Torok. […]

Physician Assistant Specialty: Psychiatry

Last post, we learned that psychiatry is among the highest paying physician assistant specialties, if not the highest paying specialty.  A reader asked us just what being a psychiatric physician assistant is like, and this article aims to answer this question. […]

Physician Assistant Specialty: Which one is Right for You?

There is a physician assistant specialty that is perfect for you, be it surgery, emergency medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, and urology.  If you are considering a career in physician assistant medicine, having an idea about what physician assistant specialty you might train in will help to guide your career trajectory. About a week ago I [...]