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Inside PA Training’s founders, Gabe and Paul, 2010.

Inside PA Training started in the summer of 2010 when I met my classmate and dear friend, Gabe, during our first week of classes at UC Davis School of Medicine’s Family Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Program.  We quickly decided it might be fun to write about our experiences.

Since that time, we’ve heard from many readers about how hard it is to find solid, in-the-trenches information on becoming a physician assistant.  To close this gap, IPAT brings it all to the table in the hope that you’ll come away with a better understanding of whether being a PA is for you, how to get into PA school, and what life as a PA is really like.

We’ve had over 1.7 Million visits since that first post!  New content is added every month, such as:

Please tell everyone you know about Inside PA Training – the internet’s a big place, and our marketing budget is, well, let just say not big.


Paul Kubin, MS is a primary and urgent care Physician Assistant who writes and speaks passionately about physician assistant careers.  He is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and regularly draws from his knowledge of interpersonal psychology in his work with patients and readers of Inside PA Training.  He is the author of Crafting a Winning PA School Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tipping the Odds in Your Favor, and has served as a consultant for the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in the area of physician assistant careers.  He lives and practices full time in Sacramento, California