It’s easy to apply to physician assistant school, but it’s not as easy to be a 3-dimensional PA school applicant.

3-D movies were all the rage in the 1950’s, and they have returned bigger, louder, and more “live”  than ever in recent years.  3-D films have become just one more way that Hollywood can compete with home streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

What do 3-D movies have to do with becoming a physician assistant?


PA school applications are up – way up – and the competition to claim them poses a problem if your application is a little weak in one or two areas.  Maybe you struggle with standardized testing; maybe you botched your first year of college before turning things around.  So how do you compete for a seat in the physician assistant program of your choice against 500 to 1000 other applicants who have stronger GPAs, more health care experience, and higher GRE scores?

You take a page from Hollywood’s playbook, of course: you go 3-D.

The 2-Dimensional PA School Applicant

Most PA school applicants are 2-D.  They have “typical” applications.  Their health care experiences are okay.  They have a major that fits the traditional model of medical students (Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, etc.)  While nothing is wrong with these things, they don’t stand out much at all – just like a 2-dimensional drawing on paper, or a 2-dimensional movie.

The 3-Dimensional PA School Applicant

Unlike 2-D applicants, 3-D applicants to PA school are a special find, few in number, and much sought by admissions committees.  Their applications stand out for being “different,” “unusual,” and even “quirky.”  Their applications are memorable and give the reader a clear idea who the applicant is.  They also get the reader thinking about what type of PA student and PA he or she might become, given the chance.  Just like a 3-D movie, 3-D applications are immersive, surprising, and engaging.

Does your application stand out like a 3-D version of a film, full of surround sound and depth that makes you and your story as real as a scene from The Hobbit, Toy Story 3, or How to Train Your Dragon?  Here’s how you tell…


Not everyone can major in something sexy.  Not everyone writes a unique and engaging essay.  And that’s okay – no application is perfect.  But give these qualities some thought as you prepare for admission to physician assistant school.  They could make the difference.